• Gamechanger Cleaning
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    All efforts have been made to reduce the cleaning burden on the Mushroom Machine Gamechanger. A device has been added to use a rotational brush to occasionally clean the vacuum suckers. The suckers can also be easily removed and changed at the start of each work break. Any dirt or compost is caught by a…

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  • Harvesting Innovation
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    The Gamechanger is the most popular semi-robotic mushroom harvesting innovation in Europe, Asia and North America. It follows more than 7 years Research & Development and the production of numerous prototypes. It combines increasing mushroom harvesting performance (double picking rates), trimming the stalk at the correct specified length, de-nesting the punnets, placing the mushrooms in…

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  • Robotics & Automation
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    The Gamechanger uses state of the art Robotics & Automation Technology in order to transfer the products from the belt into the punnet. This action of the Robot is controlled by the Gamechanger Software which can be periodically upgraded as software improvements are made. The robotic arm holds the vacuum cups, and the pickup heights…

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  • De-nester
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    There are several sizes of de-nester available for the Gamechanger which can be interchanged in minutes to allow the use of various sizes of punnets. The software selection makes the requisite changes in the placement of mushrooms in the punnets. The de-nester punnet capacity is around 75 punnets and the punnets are easily to put…

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  • Punnet Slide
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    The Mushroom Machine Company has redesigned and improved their innovative punnet slide. It is designed to store a quantity of empty punnets/and then feed them into the Gamechanger as required. The new punnet slide has been designed to accommodate downdraft and drips from air conditioning tunnels, dirt on the packaging, different sizes and weights of…

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  • Become More Efficient
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    Let The GameChanger and Gamechanger Pro give you the edge on your competitors and allow you to make dramatic savings on your picking labour costs as well as improving crop yield. This innovation will improve productivity by over 100% and will complement existing picking infrastructure even where picking isles are narrow. The Gamechanger is completely…

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  • Product Support
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    Product support is only an email or phone call away. The Gamechanger is manufactured to the highest standard, with quality parts and robust technology so we expect problems to be small and if any few and far between. However on those occasions when help is needed we have the parts and the technical support to…

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  • Book a Demo
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    If you would like to see how The Gamechanger could improve you efficiency you could contact us to arrange either a visit to your farm or be notified if it can be seen on a farm near you. We have provided videos and statistics to enable you to get an idea how this mechanisation would…

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