Harvesting With The Gamechanger

How do I Harvest more efficiently with the Gamechanger?

It is important to learn the best way to use the Gamechanger and then to build on a good technique to gain speed.
Some of these hints are below and you can watch the video at the bottom to see some techniques in a live environment:

  • Pickers should slow down initially in order to get the correct technique and then when that is mastered speed can be increased.
  • The Mushroom Machine Gamechanger - Screenshot showing 78Kg/Hr on site

  • Occasionally look at the screen which will show you your picking rate in Kilos per hour, This should show you if what you are doing is working or if you need to alter your technique to further improve.
  • There is a rhythm to using the Gamechanger. The rhythm seems to revolve around getting the right speed of the Lift, picking mushrooms, loading empty punnets (2 or more at a time) and removing full punnets, (2 or more at a time) and instinctively going to the next task while listening to the machine to know when punnets eject and load. Try to adjust the speed to accommodate moving empty trays, changing gloves and other small tasks.
  • To adequately make use of the Gamechanger make sure to allocate enough mushrooms to keep the picker busy. Initially it would be advised to double the amount of picking area (or one side of a shelf) after a few days training.
  • The Personnel Lift should always be moving and it helps to improve the speed as well as the grazing technique. The speed can be adjusted up and down rather than stopping and starting. Each pass on the shelf should be around 25 to 30 minutes.
  • As the Lift is moving it is important to pick the larger mushrooms first and on further passes pick smaller mushrooms around the same size. Keep an eye on the average weight of the mushrooms to determine if you are going to slow.
  • It is important to load up with enough empty trays and empty punnets to last for several hours.
  • Adjust the stalk length to achieve the maximum allowable length of stalk which helps increase yield. Remember that 1mm of stalk is over 1% of the weight of the mushroom.
  • Empty waste bin and remove the full trays at the front of the shed to reduce carrying distance. Our Lifts are larger than most but speed should be adjusted to improve the ability to get to the required end of the growing room.
  • Switch on the Gamechanger as soon as possible as it takes a few minutes for the Gamechanger to become operational.
  • Start filling the belt when you get to the right level even before the belt moves.
  • The Lifts and Gamechanger should be setup in the growing room the previous night as it reduces any delays caused by removing condensation.
  • Make sure that the battery is charged overnight and if 2 batteries they should be swapped at same time every day. Middle of the day is more advantageous as it seems to be easier to remember.
  • Pick with 2 hands. Use the left hand to pick towards the middle of the shelf and the right hand picks close to the edge. The right hand should place mushrooms on the right hand side of the belt towards the machine and the left hand should fill in the spaces on the left hand side of the belt to ensure mushrooms are in groups of 3 or more.
  • Try not to move mushrooms from one hand to another before placing on the belt. Sometimes you have to do it if mushrooms are stuck together.
  • Always try to ensure there are empty punnets on the slide. A lot of time is lost while the Gamechanger waits to load punnets that are not there.
  • The Mushroom Machine Gamechanger - Picking up two full punnets at a time

  • Load punnets in groups of 2 or more and also remove full punnets in groups of 2 or more. This improves speed dramatically.
  • It is normal to have a bucket for waste at the front of the personnel lift and a punnet for oversized or small mushrooms.
  • You can use the side cutter and chute to remove stalks of these mushrooms.
  • Some growers recommend 2 lifts for each machine and would envisage doing quick passes on one side of shelves, moving the machine to the other side (would only take minutes) and then do quick passes on the other side. This would accommodate picking more in shifts.


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