Benefits of the Gamechanger & Gamechanger Pro
The Gamechanger brings a lot of benefits to the Mushroom Producer

The picking rates can be doubled in weeks with the Gamechanger without any changes to existing infrastructure. The Gamechanger can be in operation within minutes of arriving on a farm. The Gamechanger allows pickers to pick using 2 hands and the integrated lift facilitates continuous harvesting. The Gamechanger can lift 3 medium mushrooms at a time and The Gamechanger Pro can lift 5 medium mushrooms at a time to put into boxes and trays.


Increases in crop yield can be achieved with the Gamechanger. This is as a result of an improvement in the technique of crop grazing, an increase in stalk length by accurately cutting stalk, coupled by a reduction in waste and more accurate weighing of punnets. There is an optional device to double cut the stalk so even more yield can be achieved.


Accurately collects picking data from all the Gamechangers to allow management to access performance from all pickers. This should allow decisions to be made on that data. From the data we can see if the picker is not grazing the crop, picking to many small mushrooms, not starting to pick quickly, what their kgs/lbs per hour is, how many punnets have been filled, etc. The data is transferred by wireless link to central data source and the machine can store the data if not in wireless range and transfer whenever connection is again made.


Reduces labour by collecting all the cut stalks in a large bin which can be emptied in seconds at the end of the growing house. Lifts are big enough to hold 2 passes (up and down) of the shelves to be emptied at the end of the growing house, rather than in the middle.


The Gamechanger and its accessories can operate in existing growing infrastructure without expensive changes, upgrading an old farm and these saving are also available without building a new farm which would take years of planning and expense.


The Gamechanger is available now and the Gamechanger will cater for numerous types and sizes of punnets/tills of different packaging material. The Gamechanger Pro will cater for Boxes and trays and can be also configured to cater for punnets/tills. It has been tested on numerous farms for reliability, performance and usability.


The Gamechanger can be a staged investment beginning with an investment of as small as 2 machines. The expected Return On Investment (ROI) on the Gamechanger taking into account only the doubling of the picking rate would be around 12 months. However this could be significantly reduced if the increases in crop yield is taken into account.


Experience has shown that the Gamechanger can be used to bring new pickers up to economic production in weeks rather than the current period of several months. New pickers have to concentrate on a reduced number of tasks so dramatically reducing training. The picker no longer has to keep moving the lift, cut the stalks, weigh the mushrooms in the packaging, place the mushrooms in the packaging, collect the waste, collect the data and monitor their performance.


Other labour saving innovations will be available in the coming months that will complement the Gamechanger and its accessories.


A Punnet/till de-nester increases picking performance and it can be easily added to the Gamechanger if de-nestable punnets/tills are available. A de-nester can increase picker production by between 5-7kgs per hour (11-15lbs per hour).


Easy to clean as most parts are detachable: Bin, picking arm and belt, dirt trays and blade. These can be easily removed for washing. The internals of the machine can be sprayed with Sporekill from Nutrigain to prevent the spread of disease from room to room. The punnet conveyor belt is made of cords so any dirt will pass through the weighing module. An integrated cleaning system for the Suckers allows fast intermittent cleaning with software programmable intervals.


The Gamechanger is easily moved from growing room to growing room on its own specially designed trolley. The Personnel Lift can be easily moved using its own wheels and the Machine Lift can be removed and erected by a specially designed erector.


Easy configuration changes to accommodate different punnet/tills, different mushroom sizes, options of punnet slide or de-nester, different stalk trimming depths, etc. The easy to use touch screen interfaces allows the user to reconfigure the machine.


Remote Support can be provided direct to the Gamechanger with easy access to updates and problem solving if required.


Facility to cater for cutting the stalks for button and #2 grade mushrooms to ensure they are placed in other punnets which can be stored on the top level tray.


Multi-lingual and usable software which not only has the correct language in the buttons, but can prompt action with the spoken language. All software functions can be individually tuned to provide the greatest efficiency of the machine and harvester.


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