Gamechanger Cleaning

Gamechanger Cleaning

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All efforts have been made to reduce the cleaning burden on the Mushroom Machine Gamechanger. A device has been added to use a rotational brush to occasionally clean the vacuum suckers. The suckers can also be easily removed and changed at the start of each work break. Any dirt or compost is caught by a large bin underneath. The conveyor belts have been replaced by cords which reduces the possible area for dirt collection by around 80%. The large waste bin is bottom emptying to reduce any effort involved in getting rid of stalks and dirt. Most parts of the machine (bin, main arm, belt, tray) can be easily removed and pressure washed. .

The Gamechanger - Sporekill from NutrigainWe recommend the spraying of Sporekill Spot on areas of the Mushroom Machine Gamechanger to eliminate the spreading of disease. It is formulated with alcohol, is a powerful bactericide as well as a fungicide and takes minutes to dry.
This product is supplied by Nutrigain Ltd in the UK.

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