Punnet Slide

Punnet Slide
The punnet slide is designed to store a quantity of empty punnets/tills until they are required to be inserted onto the weighing module after the ejection of full punnet/till.

The punnet slide design has been designed to accommodate downdraft and drips from air conditioning tunnels, dirt on the packaging, different sizes and weights of packaging.

Punnets/tills do not have to be de-nestable with accurate spacing between punnets as they are individually spilt and placed on the punnet slide by the picker.

There are 3 types of punnet slide to cater for different punnet sizes.

Small punnet Slide
Maximum punnet/till length = 150mm
Maximum Number of punnets places = 4
Length = 690mm

Medium punnet slide
Maximum. punnet/till length = 180mm
Maximum Number of punnets places = 3
Length = 600mm

Long punnet slide
Maximum punnet/till length = 280mm
Maximum Number of punnets places = 2
Length = 600mm

*The long punnet slide can also handle medium and small punnet/tills
** The medium punnet slide can also handle small punnet/tills

The punnet slide is designed to have maximum adjustment for particular packaging requirements without the requirement of any tools. 3 dimensional (XYZ) Adjustment can be made to adjust the height, angle of slide and depth of slide into the Gamechanger.


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