Personnel Lift

Personnel Lift

The Personnel Lift is made of aluminium to reduce weight and contains a sizable area for storing empty and full packaging. It uses a motor to provide vertical lift and is certified to lift 250kgs. The positioning of the Personnel Lift can be adjusted separately from the Gamechanger which can accommodate tall or shorter harvesters so improving posture and reducing fatigue.

The Personnel Lift can be used when picking on the bottom shelf. It is designed to operate lower to around 30mm off the floor of the growing room. This is very important as it allows the harvester to have ready access to a place to put the filled packaging and making sure the picker is moving steadily along the shelves.

The Personnel Lift is attached to the machine lift so it moves horizontally.

The Lift can be removed from the rails by one person and when the lift is rotated it can be easily moved from one growing room to another on its own wheels.


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