The Only Viable Solution

We know that the Gamechanger is the only viable solution for harvesting mushrooms.
We have summarised the reasons why that is below:

a)   This is a tried and tested solution that has seen in operation in numerous farms world-wide.

b)   The machine and its lifts are the only harvesting solution that will work in existing infrastructure in existing farms with none or minimal alterations. It has the potential to achieve efficiencies to picking while adding decades of useful life onto an existing farm.

c)   The Gamechanger range of products can begin operation within hours of landing on a customer’s farm.

d)   The machines are available to be despatched within weeks from date of order.

e)   A full farm implementation could be phased in over as long a period of time that the mushroom producer requires.

f)   The Gamechanger has a much lower cost than any of the other suggested solutions.

g)   We know that with the Gamechanger a quick Return of Investment (ROI) is possible if used correctly compared to other unproven systems.

h)   Mushroom Producers who purchase the Gamechanger are not committed to a big spend and thus have dramatically reduced risk.

i)   We have the only one-person operated mushroom harvesting aid in which the picker is accountable for their complete production.

j)   The Gamechanger is the only harvesting aid that prioritises the mushroom presentation in the packaging.

k)   The Gamechanger will cater for basically any type or size of punnet and the Gamechanger Pro will handle individual punnets (tills), trays, boxes, and punnets within trays. The ability to flexibly handle numerous container types and sizes is vital to ensure best presentation of the mushrooms.

l)   The software controlling the Gamechanger is fully functional allowing control of every aspect of the machine and it can be altered on-site without having to do programming.

m)   We have concentrated on the usability of the machine for pickers of all nationalities and abilities.

n)   The ability of the Gamechanger to capture the data allows complete analysis of the picking data so the producer can analyse performance and evaluate yield and enable the correct picking strategies.

o)   The accurate weighing will save pickers time, reduce time in the packhouse check-weighing, eliminate further handling of mushrooms in the packhouse as well as providing accurate information on the picking rates.

p)   The machine is fully multi-lingual. The operational language will show all text in the required language as well as all notifications will be spoken in the required language.

q)   With the ability of the machine to be moved about from one harvesting room to another, or from one side of shelving to the other, we can maximise the use of the asset. Increasing the utilisation of the Gamechanger is important.

r)   With the accurate cutting of stalks, we can maximise yield while also reducing waste.

s)   The implementation of crop grazing is much easier using the Gamechangers integrated Lift system which can provide continuous horizontal movement.

t)   As cleaning can be regarded as a picking cost, we have minimised cleaning time and made it as easy as possible to do.

u)   The low cost of ownership is attractive as there will be minimum maintenance.

v)   Remote Upgrading and Support can be provided with each machine for each picker.

w)   The team at Mushroom Machine Company can provide a Complete Solution as it has the knowledge and can provide the specific consultancy required to achieve maximum results with the implementation.

x)   With the Mushroom Machine Company there is more than one option. We have the Gamechanger, Gamechanger Pro, Gamechanger Lite and various accessories to allow producers to get the best results for their farms.

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