The Gamechanger says – Yes

The Gamechanger Says YES. The Mushroom Machine Gamechanger

Everyone has questions and we have the answers. I have listed many of the most frequently asked questions below:

a) Can you fit the Gamechanger into an existing farm? – Yes

b) Does the 24 Volt battery run the machine for Gamechanger and lifts for more than 12 hours? – Yes

c) Will it work on Dutch shelving with levels 4, 5, 6 or 7 levels high? – Yes

d) Is the Gamechanger affordable? – Yes, much less than any other solution.

e) Is the Gamechanger reliable? – Yes, it has been proven to be reliable.

f) Has the Gamechanger been tested on site? – Yes, on numerous sites, worldwide.

g) Does the Gamechanger place the mushrooms heads up in the punnet, box or container? – Yes it does.

h) If the mushrooms are put heads up in the container will this improve presentation? – Yes.

i) Is the Gamechanger The Only Viable Solution for harvesting button mushrooms? – Yes, it certainly is.

j) Can the Gamechanger be moved quickly from isle to isle or room to room in minutes? – Yes, it can.

k) Can the Gamechanger be despatched in less than 4 weeks? – Yes, it can.

l) Can the Gamechanger more than double picking rates? – Yes, it can.

m) Will the Gamechanger improve yield? – Yes, it has been proven numerous times.

n) Will the accuracy of the stalk cut improve yield? – Yes.

o) The Gamechanger, can it be upgraded remotely? – Yes, via wireless.

p) Is the Gamechanger around 1/3 of the price of other proposed solutions? – Yes, it can be.

q) Would the Gamechanger be more flexible than other proposed solutions and easier moved? – Yes, it is.

r) Can the Gamechanger give a Return of Investment in under 3 years? – Yes, could be much less.

s) Does the Gamechanger capture the picking data from each individual mushroom picker? – Yes it does.

t) Will the Gamechanger work with our existing way of pinning the mushroom crop? – Yes it will.

u) Are you working on a solution for Pennsylvania Doubles? – Yes we are.

v) Are you still constantly developing the Gamechanger? – Yes, we are continually investing in improvements, especially in software functions.

w) Does dropping mushrooms damage them? – Yes it certainly does, that’s why the Gamechanger places the mushrooms.

x) Does the Gamechanger Lite drop the mushrooms into containers? – Yes it does, but it is a much cheaper solution and will easily compete with any other “dropping solution” at a fraction of the cost.

If you want the Gamechanger answer to your harvesting questions, contact us or email.

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