The Gamechanger – Mushroom Damage?

No Mushroom Damage with the Gamechanger from the Mushroom Machine

The Gamechanger semi-robotic harvesting aid is the only Viable Solution for existing mushroom farms and it doesn’t damage the mushrooms when it lifts them off the belt and accurately places them in the container.

The Gamechanger reduces damage in the following ways:
a) Reduced pressure – When lifting the mushrooms from the belt it uses a minimum of vacuum pressure. The Vacuum pressure to lift mushromms from the belt is about 1/3 of what would be required to lift mushrooms directly from the bed. Testing has shown no marks or discolouration even after 7 days of being picked.

b) Placement not dropping – The Gamechanger lowers the mushrooms down into the container and releases them gently which eliminates damage. Damage is caused by dropping mushrooms, however, this damage normally only appears after a number days.

c) Accurate Weighing – Adding or removing mushrooms manually to ensure the right weight is achieved causes damage. Damage to mushrooms increases dramatically with time from the moment a mushroom is handled. Accurate weighing eliminates further handling of mushrooms and increases quality and therefore profitability.

d) Handled once – Dirty gloves will always leave a residue on the mushrooms with potential of bruising. In some alternative picking solutions mushrooms are handled twice which can add dirt, increase bruising and reduce profit.

e) Fingers– The mushrooms are placed in specially designed finger holders in the Gamechanger as they greatly reduce the accumulation of dirt compared to a normal belt system. The mushrooms are put in from the side with the dirt at the bottom rather than pushed through a hole which ensures dirt is retained on the top of the belt thereby passing it directly into the punnet with the mushrooms.

Browning of the mushrooms due to excessive handling or dirt on the top of the cups will result in the perception of a lower quality product. Lower quality means a reduction in price, product rejections and possible loss of business in the future.

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