The Gamechanger – Innovations proved by testing

The Gamechanger - Innovations Proved by Testing

There are many variables in mushroom harvesting and the Gamechanger and its integrated lift system needs to cater for all of these variables. Everything plays a part in the end result.

These variables may include:
Picker’s capabilities, language work ethic, picking styles, picker support, shelving height, shelf width, rails, slopes in floors, room sizes, length of rooms, number of shelves in rooms, ducting sizes, ducting positions, space at end of room, the presences of connecting corridors, naming but a few.

Over the past 6 months we and the Gamechanger have experienced all of these variables in numerous locations and have learned to adapt to establish best picking practice. Adjustments have been made to the machine mechanics, computer software and our training to ensure we eliminate wasted time, ensure system reliability and improve the overall experience for the picker.

The biggest variable has been the software changes required to cope with the accurate placement of mushrooms, heads up in the numerous sizes of containers, combined with the layouts of these punnets inside trays. We can now offer the Gamechangers improved mushroom presentation in all containers for all producers across the world.

Our newest software update is now available and concentrates on improved speed and delivering a proven reliable system. The numerous minor improvements all combine to allow pickers to achieve their full potential when combined with best picking technique. The training of Pickers to use the best Gamechanger setup for the crop they are picking and will ensure speed and presentation.

The Gamechanger is available as the Only Viable harvesting aid for all existing farms. The extensive features are a result of continual testing and attention to detail. Our continual Innovations are driven by our customers suggestions and backed up by continuous on-site testing.

If you want more information on our proven Gamechanger innovations, contact us or email.

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