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Improved Grazing from The Gamechanger

The Gamechanger semi-robotic harvesting aid is the only Viable Solution for existing mushroom farms and should aid in the implementation of Graze Picking in your mushroom farm.

It achieves this in the following ways:
a) Consistency – The cups and machine is designed to influence and guide the picker toward picking the same size of mushrooms in a consistent basis.

b) Horizontal Movement – The integrated lift system can be programmed to keep moving forward at a speed which best suits the crop to be picked

c) Multiple Passes – Quick passes over multiple beds while picking off the larger mushrooms first and opening up the beds allows smaller mushrooms to grow.

Grazing allows pickers to get the bigger mushrooms off the bed quickly, this in turn, opens up the bed to allow other mushrooms to grow, keeps the quality of the mushrooms higher and can also improve picking rates. This should also allow growers to improve yield, while increasing quality and reducing the number of opening mushrooms.

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