The Gamechanger – Changes are possible

The Gamechanger - Changes are Possible

The Gamechanger semi-robotic harvesting aid is the only Viable Solution for existing mushroom farms but some changes are inevitable as pickers change to a more automated solution.

Some of the changes we have seen implemented are:
a)  Better accountability – All the data is collected by the Gamechanger so management and pickers can see the performance data and make informed decisions about what is being done correctly and what is not. The Kgs or Lbs per hour, number of punnets, start and finish times, average mushroom weight, plus much much more is available.

b)  Improved harvesting rates – pickers have to learn how to pick with 2 hands and place the mushrooms into the belt fingers in a very efficient way.

c)  Improved grazing – Many pickers do not know how to graze a crop but work on a “scorched earth principle” which certainly does not maximise the crop yield. Small and large mushrooms fall victim to indiscriminate picking.

Everyone is reluctant to change, and this is especially an issue in the mushroom industry which has changed so little in decades. But change can lead to improvements and increased profits.

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