Production Growth

The Mushroom Machine Company is one of N. Irelands most exciting businesses and it is experiencing exponential sales growth worldwide. After a nine year journey of Research and Development the company has several innovative products which are set to revolutionise the mushroom industry.

The compact Gamechanger semi-robotic harvesting aid which is designed to harvest mushrooms, trim stalks, place the mushrooms accurately into punnets/tills while accurately weighing the packaging has been joined by the Gamechanger Pro which will handle large trays and boxes as well as punnets/tills.

An integrated Machine Lift and Personnel Lift allows the Gamechanger to operate at maximum efficiency at shelving heights of between 4 to 7 levels.

Production is taking place at their facilities in Lisburn and the scaling up of production has already commenced along with the starting of key employees and a further recruitment drive.

Some large mushroom producers have made significant orders of the Gamechanger and accessories to improve harvesting performance, increase yield and offset problems due to current labour shortages.

Improvements in tooling alongside a partnership arrangement with many of our suppliers will allow the Mushroom Machine Company to achieve the levels of production that will be required to meet the demand over the following 6-12 months.

Mushroom Machine Company
14B Altona Road East,
Blaris Industrial Estate,
Co. Antrim, BT27 5QB

Tel: 0044 (0)28 9252 8488

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