Picking Rates

How does the Gamechanger double picking rates?

The Gamechanger has been designed to more than double picking rates over a short period of time.
It does this in the following ways:

  • The picker can now pick mushrooms using 2 hands rather than using one hand to pick and one hand to trim stalks
  • It allows pickers to concentrate on picking the right size of mushrooms, that is bigger mushrooms and leave the smaller ones to later passes
  • The setup of the Gamechanger allows the picker to establish a picking rhythm which is actually the key to high pick rates
  • The Gamechanger and Lift is designed to reduce picker movement while picking and this keeps picking rates steady throughout the day
  • Capturing and displaying picking data allows the picker to monitor their performance and improve picking rates in real time. Low average weight of a mushroom should indicate the picking of too many small mushrooms and a need to increase lift speed while low pick rates would indicate training may be required. However high pick rates will aid the picker in their endeavour to replicate continuously the actions that they are now performing
  • Reducing waste by accurately cutting stock improves the actual weight picked in the hour
  • The programmable horizontal travel speed removes the need for the picker to continually stop picking while changing position. Loading packaging and removing full packaging should be prioritised while uprights are blocking access to the mushroom shelf
  • The picker now doesn’t have to continuously monitor the scales while weighing the packaging and contents
  • The Lifts for the Gamechanger are larger allowing the picker to store more product and therefore reduces need for removing full trays more often
  • Large amount of tray space is available for holding empty packaging and it is conveniently positioned to where the load of empty packaging takes place
  • The capacity of the packaging input and the output slide ensures that the picker can operate the Gamechanger with only occasional needs to fill empty packaging and remove full packaging
  • As the packaging size is increased the performance of the Gamechanger and Gamechanger Pro actually increases as the need to eject and load packaging decreases
  • By reducing tasks we get increased speed but this also means new pickers can be trained easier and achieve economic picking rates within weeks rather than months, which is the norm.
  • Increased pick rates should help to increase pay and increased economic rates of pay should ensure retention of good staff which should further improve harvesting rates and costs in the long term

Important Note:
The Gamechanger can lift 2 or 3 larger mushrooms and up to 4 button mushrooms (designed for many of the common punnets/tills)
The Gamechanger Pro can lift up to 5 larger mushrooms (designed to handle boxes, large trays, as well as the many common punnets/tills)


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