Improve Yield

How does the Gamechanger improve yield?

Although the Gamechanger was designed to double picking performance we found that crop yield was also improved. On further investigations we found improvements in excess of 10% on all the tests. The reasons we believe that crop yield improved are as follows:

  • Increased stalk length, reduced waste with longer and straighter cut stalks
  • Setting the lift to move continuously forward ensured picking of the larger and denser mushrooms (around 50-55mm) and reduced picking of the smaller mushrooms. Better preparation of the bed ensured better yield and picking weights later in the day
  • Faster movement over the bed prevents oversize mushrooms and reduces the picking of 2nd grade mushrooms
  • Reducing the tasks carried out by the picker (weighing, cutting stalks, placement of mushrooms in the packaging, etc.) allows the picker to concentrate mainly on the task of picking the correct mushrooms.
  • With on screen average mushroom weight, it is easy to evaluate the results to demonstrate success or what further improvements are required to increase performance

An increase in yield would make an important contribution to revenue and picking rates would also improve as pickers would be picking larger mushrooms especially later in the day.
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