Important Announcement

Important Announcement from the Gamechanger Mushroom Machine

Dear Sir/Madam

The Mushroom Machine Company Ltd has achieved significant milestones with the Gamechanger Pro worldwide by continuing to listen to our valued customers and act on suggestions.

These include:
a)  We can improve presentation by accurately placing and presenting mushrooms in any arrangement of punnets (tills) / trays with empty punnets / trays or boxes of any material (cardboard or plastic) by just a click on the screen.
b)  The reliability, flexibility and usability of the Gamechanger is now proven beyond doubt by our tests and implementations worldwide.
c)  Our equipment can be used on basically any existing farm or shelving regardless of height from the bottom shelf to the top. Our compact size allows us to operate comfortably on narrow isles with minimal space at the end of a growing room. Any size of mushroom up to 80mm can be handled.
d)  While the Gamechanger has consistently delivered results, we have quickly adapted to make the relevant changes and further improvements over the past months to enhance performance and deliver results.
e)  The improvements in yield by the accurate stalk cutting and also by the Gamechanger improving the picker’s grazing technique has impressed all.
f)  We have simplified the software to cater for all users, and have made the Gamechanger extremely easy to operate and clean.
g)  We have developed strategies for training pickers, using the machine and getting the best results.
h)  Significant orders worldwide are to be despatched in the coming weeks. With an off the shelf proven product and with increases in our staffing we expect delivery time to be quicker.
i)  Our floor supported Lift will greatly improve flexibility of use as we can move the Gamechanger from one isle to the other in minutes. This will be available in the next few weeks.
j)  Our product is proven, works, and producers will see the benefits in weeks, not decades.

Do you want results now or do you want continuous hassle?
Do you want a sure thing or a high-risk development dream?

We can deliver proven results with minimal hassle. We have done the testing so you don’t have to.
With our perfected, turnkey Gamechanger range of products, we can deliver results rapidly.
We are the ONLY VIABLE SOLUTION for existing farms.

If your farm needs results now, contact us or email

Mushroom Machine Company
14B Altona Road East,
Blaris Industrial Estate,
Co. Antrim, BT27 5QB

Tel: 0044 (0)28 9252 8488

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