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The Gamechanger - Increase Yield

The Gamechanger semi-robotic harvesting aid is the only Viable Solution for existing mushroom farms and has numerous benefits in the harvesting of mushrooms. One of the most important is the possible increases in crop yield. Yield increases come from several areas.

a)  Accurate stalk cutting – 1mm of stalk generally equates to 1% of the weight of the mushroom. We would normally expect additional yield greater than 5% when we eliminate short cut stalks and stalks cut at an angle

b)  Less mushrooms to get the weight – Small increases in % yield can reduce the number of mushrooms in order to get the punnet over the minimum weight

c)  Grazing – The Gamechanger cups help the pickers to concentrate on picking a consistent size of mushroom on each pass and the integrated lift system facilitates continuous movement assist while grazing the crop

Yield is profit and the Gamechanger can help.

If you want to know how the Gamechanger can help you improve yield, contact us or email.

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