Gamechanger – WHAT’S THE SECRET?

The Gamechanger - What's the secret?

The Gamechanger (for all sizes of punnets) and the Gamechanger Pro (punnets, boxes, trays, punnets inside trays) are surprisingly easy to operate. This is in contrast to the complexity of the requirements that has made each machine basically 12 machines in 1.

The Gamechanger - Selection of punnet sizes, box and tray configurations

What we have achieved is to cater for some of the following requirements:
a)   Excellent mushroom presentation in the container. We place head up and don’t just drop and damage.
b)   Numerous different punnet sizes and materials including clear punnets (14+ variations).
c)   Various boxes, trays, and punnets inside trays (12+ variations).
d)   Different mushroom sizes – baby buttons, small, medium, large (30mm to 80mm) at all weights and across all crop flushes with white and brown button mushrooms.
e)   More than double the harvesting rates within a limited time.
f)   Improved crop yield with accurate stalk cutting and improved crop grazing.
g)   Can work in Dutch shelving in all levels and we have options in the pipeline for other shelving options.
h)   Collects all the harvesting data using wireless to transfer the data to a central management software database to provide all required reports and KPIs.
i)   It’s reliable, easy to operate with selectable configuration setups, flexible, easily moved and can fit in its own integrated lift system.

The reason this project has taken so much time is in the development of the software to control such a complex combination of requirements. The software is the secret component to our harvesting solution. The Software is multilingual (written and sound), operated from a touch screen, has big buttons, all essential information is clearly visible, can be upgraded and supported remotely, ability to change settings easily for local conditions on the farm and can be further expanded over time.

The Gamechanger - Screenshots from our touch screen operators screen.
We have invested the time on numerous farms across the world to ensure that the Gamechanger range of products can operate in basically every existing farm. Only by being in the harvesting rooms in different farms, listening and watching have we learned what works and what didn’t work. What needed to be improved, what needed to be removed and what needed to be added. That journey has left us with the knowledge needed to ensure successful implementations worldwide. Our thanks goes to the many farm owners who have advised and helped.

Our software allows easy operation of the only available, one person operated harvesting aid, to reliably improve all aspects of harvesting in existing farms. The Gamechanger is a configurable and flexible solution that makes each harvester solely responsible for their results.

Our Software makes the Gamechanger the Only Viable Solution for mushroom harvesting in existing farms with the flexibility to operate within hours of delivery.


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