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Gamechanger Pro features and improvements

Gamechanger Pro machines will be despatched in the coming weeks with all the completed amendments and improvements to the Gamechanger Pro, Accessories, Machine Lift and Personnel Lift.

We have now included as standard:
a) Modular design throughout all aspects of the Lifts and Gamechangers ensuring easy assembly and disassembly, as well as height changes or parts interchange.

b) Flexible picking light allows better illumination of the mushroom bed to aid picking.
The Mushroom Machine Gamechanger Light

c) Removeable sucker cleaner module can be completely removed within seconds thus allowing complete sterilisation of unit and brush.
Mushroom Machine Gamechanger removeable sucker cleaner

d) Back side door added allowing easier access for blade removal and to minimise cleaning time.
The Mushroom Machine Gamechanger back side door

e) Improved software and electronics control of the robotics allowing increased speed and response.

f) Improved software, with ability to handle basically any size of container, tray, punnet or box.

g) Ability to fill empty punnets inside the trays while still achieving correct punnet weights.
Mushroom Machine Gamechanger Punnet Size 2    Mushroom Machine Gamechanger Punnet Size 3    Mushroom Machine Gamechanger Punnet Size 1

h) Additional shelving which can be attached and attached in seconds to allow more storage.

i) Oversize and Undersize mushroom handling capabilities.

j) Improved Machine and Personnel Lift Electrics to ensure easy assembly and disassembly. Minimal cabling with robust connections that can only be attached one way.

k) Improved punnet slide system
Mushroom Machine Gamechanger Punnet slide system

l) Tubular frame to prevent system snagging on air-conditioning tubes

a) Double stalk cutting attachments with additional bin insert

b) Longer picking arm


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