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The Gamechanger semi-robotic harvesting aid is the only Viable Solution for existing mushroom farms and it is important that pickers are trained correctly in order to achieve the best results.
Over time we have developed a training plan that will help mushroom producers achieve the required results in the fastest time.

Some of the most important aspects of the training are shown below:
a)  Communicate the Goals – It is important ensure everyone knows what the goals of the project are and what parts each individual is responsible for.

b)  Selecting the team – Making sure that you have the correct project leader to manage the whole process as well as a few pickers who you feel are best suited to be involved in such a high priority project.

c)  Train – Adequate training is supplied to each member of the team to ensure they have the knowledge required to carry out their tasks. Obviously continued training is key to ensure daily improvements.

d)  Support – The project manager needs the management to support him with the authority to make the changes required and ensure that the pickers can perform to the maximum efficiency.

e)  Incentives – The correct incentives should be in place to ensure continued improvements in performance over time.

Training is important and the Mushroom Machine Company Ltd has prioritised the training of staff to ensure that optimum results are obtained with the Gamechanger.
Future implementations will require less input from us as the technology becomes more accepted.

If you want to know how the Mushroom Machine Company training can help you improve your results, contact us or email

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