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Gamechanger Management Software

The Gamechanger semi-robotic harvesting aid is the only Viable Solution for existing mushroom farms and it has a unique advantage over all other proposed solutions in that it has a central database that can capture and collate data from the Gamechangers which is readily assessable for management.

Some of the key points regarding the management software are:
a) Captures data – The Gamechanger captures all the relevant picking data and this is transferred by wireless network to the central data source from multiple machines.

b) Accountability – Pickers can see their performance as well as it being visible on demand to management.

c) KPIs – Important information can be accessed in the Business Intelligence and Reporting modules.

d) Future Proof – The Management system will allow us to control future updates, further improve BI and add additional modules to improve functionality in the future.

The Gamechanger - Screenshots from our touch screen operators screen.
The collection of data is important to keep continuing performance improvements and to evaluate what works and what doesn’t.
It is also important to recognise and reward those who increase their performance.

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