The Gamechanger™ specifications are as following

1.   One person operated
2.   Dimensions: 400mm Wide, 1500mm long, 800mm high
3.   Electronics enclosed in Stainless Steel Cabinet
4.   Battery Duration: 5-7 hours
5.   Weight 56 Kgs
6.   Maximum mushroom size 70mm (newest version)
7.   PC – Intel N4200, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Win 10
8.   7” Touch Screen Panel
9.   48 Cup Belt with magnetic detectable cups
10.   60 Button Belt with magnetic detectable cups
11.   1 x 12 Volt 60AH AGM Rechargeable Battery Power Supply with Anderson Connection Plugs (17.5Kgs)
12.   Large Waste Bin (Approx. 450mm x 360mm x 330mm)
13.   Punnet De-nester
        60 punnets capacity
        Sizes are variable (150g / 200g / 250g / 300g / 350g / 400g / 450g / 500g)
        Width: 135mm
        Length: 175mm
        Depth: Variable (30mm to 100mm)
14.   Output punnet slide holds 3 punnets but can be extended
15.   Quick change 3 or 4 sucker pickup
16.   Software with Unique User Access levels and data capture
17.   Quick Connection fitting onto Lift
18.   Can operate on lowest shelfs to the highest
19.   Replace Sucker Alarm
20.   Has fully adjustable speeds for belts, etc. and Vacuum levels
21.   Detachable and Dishwasher proof Belts and Cups
22.   Detachable, adjustable Front Arm

Mushroom Machine The Gamechanger™ is NOW Available!

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