The Gamechanger™ has many benefits

1.   100%+ efficiency increase from normal picking techniques
2.   Allows harvesters to pick using 2 hands
3.   Additional increases of 10%+ in weight using its enhanced stalk trimming technology
4.   Improved product quality – less handling of the product
5.   Automatic Punnet de-nester with 60 punnet capacity
6.   Accurately weighs the punnets
7.   Requires only one person operation
8.   Can handle small Button Mushrooms (4 head pickup) as well as Cups (3 head pickup)
9.   Small footprint and will fit into existing lifts and in the narrowest corridors
10.   Extremely mobile and light
11.   Can operate for over 5+ hours without charging and batteries can be switched in minutes
12.   Computer compilation of picking data
13.   Simple and Intuitive touch screen controls and display
14.   Ergonomically designed with adjustable settings for operator comfort
15.   Ability to link wirelessly to Data Server
16.   Removable and Large waste container
17.   Components designed for easy cleaning
18.   Reliability ensured by quality manufacturing using high quality components
19.   Professional support, Service, training and training aids

Lift Benefits
The lift for The Gamechanger™ has many benefits

1.   Suitable for 4 or 5 level Dutch Shelving
2.   Easily changed and adjustable rail heights
3.   Quick hitch connecter for the attaching The Gamechanger™
4.   Electronic Powered height adjustment (12 Volt)
5.   Anderson Plugs Battery Connectors
6.   Battery Container attached
7.   Horizontal Powered Module (24 Volt)
8.   Trolley allows attaching and detaching machine from lift by only one person

Mushroom Machine The Gamechanger™ is NOW Available!

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