The Mushroom Machine

The Gamechanger™ from the Mushroom Machine Company is an innovative, reliable and effective tool designed to reduce labour costs in the picking of Mushrooms.
It speeds up picking by more than 100%.

The Mushroom Machine is designed to fit in with your existing infrastructure. It is light, mobile and can run under its own power for many hours.
The Machine is operated by one person.
As the cost of labour is increasing with the adoption of the living wage, obligatory pensions contributions and more stringent labour rights we can expect margins to be eroded.

The Mushroom Machine Company can provide each producer with an excellent product with the backup and service in all areas.
Using quality products and our in-house development team we intend to build upon the experience for continuous improvement of the product.

Mushroom Machine The Gamechanger™ is NOW Available!

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  • Become More Efficient

    Let The GameChanger give you the edge on your competitors and allow you to make dramatic savings on your picking labour costs. This innovation will improve productivity by over 100% and will complement existing picking infrastructure even where picking isles are narrow. The Gamechanger is completely operated by only one person who can now pick…

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  • Product Support

    Product support is only an email or phone call away. The Gamechanger is manufactured to the highest standard, with quality parts and robust technology so we expect problems to be small and if any few and far between. However on those occasions when help is needed we have the parts and the technical support to…

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  • Book a Demo

    If you would like to see how The Gamechanger could improve you efficiency you could contact us to arrange either a visit to your farm or be notified if it can be seen on a farm near you. We have provided videos and statistics to enable you to get an idea how this mechanisation would…

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