The Mushroom Machine

The Gamechanger™ from the Mushroom Machine Company is an innovative, reliable and effective tool operated by one person and designed to reduce labour costs in the picking of Mushrooms. It speeds mushroom picking by around 100%, reducing waste and capturing harvesting information.

The Gamechanger™ is a mobile machine that allows pickers to pick using their 2 hands, place mushrooms on a conveyor and the The Gamechanger™ trims the stalks at the required height, places the mushrooms into punnets until the required weight is reached, ejects the punnets onto the output slide, de-nests the punnets and re-inserts a punnet onto the scale.

The Gamechanger™ is a semi-robotic machine that is small, energy-efficient, computer controlled and will fit in existing infrastructure (Dutch shelving or equivalent). We believe we can increase the picking efficiency dramatically over time for producers. The machine can quickly be configured for baby buttons as well as cups. With a Touch Screen interface and “idiot proof” software and a one button touch to change settings for large or small mushrooms. Unique user access levels and central data collection enables management to access picking data.

The Gamechanger™ can be combined with a lift rolling on rails attached to the top of Dutch Shelving or equivalent or it can use its own free rolling lift. With Electronic level controls and a “Quick Hitch” system it is truly a one person operated and installed machine. This can be attached to existing manual lifts. With the addition of the horizontal movement module effective “graze picking” can be implemented to achieve even more efficiencies and reduce picker’s workload.

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    McShane Packaging has produced a range of de-nestable punnets for the mushroom industry to work with the Mushroom Machine Gamechanger’s punnet de-nester. After seeing the Mushroom Machine Gamechanger in operation Paddy McShane decided to invest in the tooling required to produce the whole range of punnets for a mushroom producer. The Mushroom Machine Company is…

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  • Become More Efficient

    Let The GameChanger give you the edge on your competitors and allow you to make dramatic savings on your picking labour costs. This innovation will improve productivity by over 100% and will complement existing picking infrastructure even where picking isles are narrow. The Gamechanger is completely operated by only one person who can now pick…

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  • Product Support

    Product support is only an email or phone call away. The Gamechanger is manufactured to the highest standard, with quality parts and robust technology so we expect problems to be small and if any few and far between. However on those occasions when help is needed we have the parts and the technical support to…

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